Business Email Access

How to Check and Operate Your Business Email

All DataMax Enterprise websites include at least five (5) business email boxes at no additional charge.  Business email adds a “professional” look and feel to your business and it’s a good idea to use a business email box when corresponding to prospects and clients.  Naturally you will need to check your email at least daily to determine if you have any new leads from your marketing efforts or if you have important correspondence from existing customers.  Checking your email can be done by logging into your dashborad at DataMax Hosting.

Logging in Through DataMax Hosting

To check mail through DataMax Hosting, simply log into your account using your USERNAME and PASSWORD as provided when you opened your account.  If you have lost either there is a “recovery” feature available to you.  Once you have successfully logged in, look for the green button to select “Active” accounts.

Once you clicked to view your active websites, select that website’s cPanel to view your mail boxes.  You will also be able to create new email boxes from this screen.

Your business email provides a professional look for your business but sometimes you may find logging in everyday to be a hassle.  You can easily set up “Email Forwarding” so your business email is forwarded to your regular Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or similar personal address by simply selecting the “Forwarders” button (see above) and setting up email forwarding.