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DataMax is an integrated provider of affordable web-based marketing solutions for business opportunity-seeking entrepreneurs and especially those in their early start up phase. Our "Enterprise Series" website designs focus on many popular entrepreneurial business types and are templated to keep initial design and publishing costs to an absolute minimum. With a "business-in-a-box" concept and a primary focus on truly affordable home-based business options in today's challenging economy, DataMax works closely with many popular business opportunity franchise providers and / or training companies and produces very low cost, business-generating websites to support such new business enterprise.

Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Mobile Creatives, and Seekers of Multiple Income Streams

Though many see today's job market as an unscalable mountain of economic challenges, there is a growing class of unique entrepreneurs known as "Mobile Creatives" not only surviving but actually thriving in today's jobless recovery.  In spite of the challenges, they are doing so by creating working solutions involving multiple income streams of business, developing new skillsets, and inventing new creative professions.  Mobile Creatives represent a unique new working class characterized by "flexibility" in their work environment.  They are clever job adaptors and focus heavily on developing one, two, or even three or more inter-related home-based business opportunities. 

Joining the Ranks of the Mobile Creatives

Tired of working for minimum wage and jumping from job to job?  Maybe the world of the Mobile Creative is the right entrepreneurial move for you.   And...DataMax can help.  To explore our many enterprise opportunities and find out more, select the "ENTERPRISE WEBSITES" button above and view our current website templates along with links to our business startup and training solutions.  You may be just one step away from the financial freedom you are seeking and deserve.